Friday, March 2, 2012

Kickin it old school

I woke up today to the doorbell and a lovely surprise package with these waiting to be mine:
School was fun, because they both wanted to 'take over' and play teacher- so I sat back today and helped them guide each other through their school day. It's nice to know they know how to read my schedule for each day, in case I happen to be sick (which NEVER happens-ha). Actually, I'm not too sure I like the idea of not being needed... :)Then we did a little art project, pulling string through paper with paint (nothing fancy, just easy). However, what wasn't easy was getting them all cleaned up after they decided to paint themselves. Did we ever have fun though.
Amelia found blooming flowers. Yes, it's March people. She created a "nest" for them and I loved the sunlight and her love for beauty in everything, so of course I had to snap a few photos. She is a true artist.
(shadows and hands- match made in heaven):
My last project for the day was meal prepping for the next two weeks. The kids helped with it all and we whipped it out in no time. Actually, it was a couple of hours, but it didn't seem as long with their help. I found these meal ideas through Pinterest. Freezing them in bags and popping them in the crockpot when needed are great meals when I want a break on the weekend. Since Dave Ramsey, I no longer have the freedom to excuse my want for a 'day off' from cooking and stopping for fast food. So, this is my solution. We will see how it turns out. (Meals are BBQ chicken, Vegetable soup, and Beef stew- two of each, in case you're wondering).
I also whipped up a little fruity treat- frozen chocolate-peanut-butter-banana bites! Yum.
I'm off to enjoy these and a movie with girlfriends tonight- wish you could join!

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