Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When I am painting I have a general notion as to what I am about. I can control the flow of the paint....There is no accident, just as there is no beginning and no end. Jackson Pollock

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Nose Knows

I had nose surgery this week. I had a deviated septum and if you think I was ugly before, check these out. (fyi- I've gotten a haircut) Here's the before picture:
Here's me anticipating death. How melodramatic:
Here's the aftermath:
My head got cold:
Notice the swelling:
Surprisingly, I have felt very little pain and would recommend my surgeon to anyone. I have needed a very few anit-inflamatories no antibiotics and only a little pain medication. I should be back to work on Tuesday- 6:30am. I'll take this picture in my mind to work with me when I go back. I've had a great nurse, the love of my life, Mel.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung in tha South

Pretty hot here in the south, but it's nice for bike riding and the change of seasons always inspires my art. Took some photos on a walk this week.
Walking by this millstone always reminds me to be a good mama- here's why: Matthew 18:6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Just a bit of info about what's coming up for us- Jake is due to have a deviated septum surgery on the 9th of April. It's gotten so bad he can't breath out of his left nostril and is currently sleeping in Amelia's room. Which means I have a new bed buddy :) Let's say trading LOUD snoring for a wiggly, giggly girl can be fun- but I'm still looking forward to having my man back soon!
Besides all that fun, we had another busy weekend finishing up some things on Amelia's room. We need to seriously paint her walls a different color, but I'm not sure what color yet. I'm waiting until I finish her bedspread. Which brings me to my next artistic 'venture'--- are you sitting down?---- SEWING. Ugh- as some of you may know (mostly my sisters and mother), I've disliked sewing since I can remember. All that pinning, cutting, and laying out of fabric- ugh. If I could just skip all that and go straight to the sewing bit- I'd be fine. It's all that grunt work I don't like. So, my mom and I collaborated by phone and thought up a good way for me to start out. I'll keep you up to date. Hopefully Amelia will be a proud owner of a one-of-a-kind bedspread in the near future. Meanwhile, you can anticipate a few posts possibly involving frustration, pulling-of-hair pictures and a pinch of craziness, but be not alarmed- I'm committed.
So, there's our week at a glance. It's been long and quite lonely since our truck tire has a lovely bolt lodged in it- and we've missed our Karate lessons and my Gym spin classes- but things are looking up. New tires in the works, an upcoming visit from my brother, and Jake's new nose are all good things if you look at life in view of God's perfect sovereignty and His gracious provision in all circumstances. He works all things for good (and here's the kicker) to those who Love Him and Keep His Commandments. May you all have a great week- Mel

Jake's Art 2

And finally- here's the man at his favorite spot- the art aisle. Can't pass up BOGO free sketch pads, 'nuff said.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It s a boy!!!

Nice title, huh? I just wanted to post a couple pics from our visit to see Summer's baby, Solomon today. It was an amazing day outside and a busy one too. But I was able to get the kiddos out of the house for a bit with their bikes and just spend time together enjoying God's marvelous creation. By the way- it is a huge accomplishment to get Amelia to hold the baby. She was convinced she didn't like him (or all babies for that matter) and once we sat her down she melted and tried to hide the fact that she was enjoying him. I don't know another little girl who doesn't love babies but I may have just converted her!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kickin it old school

I woke up today to the doorbell and a lovely surprise package with these waiting to be mine:
School was fun, because they both wanted to 'take over' and play teacher- so I sat back today and helped them guide each other through their school day. It's nice to know they know how to read my schedule for each day, in case I happen to be sick (which NEVER happens-ha). Actually, I'm not too sure I like the idea of not being needed... :)Then we did a little art project, pulling string through paper with paint (nothing fancy, just easy). However, what wasn't easy was getting them all cleaned up after they decided to paint themselves. Did we ever have fun though.
Amelia found blooming flowers. Yes, it's March people. She created a "nest" for them and I loved the sunlight and her love for beauty in everything, so of course I had to snap a few photos. She is a true artist.
(shadows and hands- match made in heaven):
My last project for the day was meal prepping for the next two weeks. The kids helped with it all and we whipped it out in no time. Actually, it was a couple of hours, but it didn't seem as long with their help. I found these meal ideas through Pinterest. Freezing them in bags and popping them in the crockpot when needed are great meals when I want a break on the weekend. Since Dave Ramsey, I no longer have the freedom to excuse my want for a 'day off' from cooking and stopping for fast food. So, this is my solution. We will see how it turns out. (Meals are BBQ chicken, Vegetable soup, and Beef stew- two of each, in case you're wondering).
I also whipped up a little fruity treat- frozen chocolate-peanut-butter-banana bites! Yum.
I'm off to enjoy these and a movie with girlfriends tonight- wish you could join!