Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Assurance and honesty

Rainy, cozy, and lazy day today. I figured, the other years don't recognize February 29th, so why should we? This day will go down in Hansmeyer history as positively uneventful (sometimes that's a nice thing).
School started with a very wound up little boy- and a few bike rides up and down the driveway took care of that for the morning. I love spending time in the Word with the kids before we tackle anything else. It pretty much starts us off on the right foot. Today we had several great conversations, including one which allowed for my sweet girl to wonder why her mommy isn't afraid to die if persecuted for the truth (like Paul and Silas were persecuted). She wanted to know how I KNOW I'm going to heaven. How I KNOW I'm a Christian. When I was done sharing with her my security in Christ- she whispered she didn't think she knew. Confessions like that can either break your heart or bring a lot of joy in the opportunity to give truth to a little soul that is searching. As my brother Jeff said today, the most important thing to remind children, in these cases, is that Christ suffered the little children to come unto Him- and He will not turn them away. She wanted me to pray and the seed was planted. I'm getting my water pail filled up for more watering...
Somewhere along the way through school, we got off track and landed on the subject of German's and sausages. In this family that is a regular occurrence- because if you ask my little girl her name she will respond with, "Amelia, and I'm German and I love sausages." Now, it escapes her memory that she is also a hodge-podge of other nationalities which I try to remind her of. But she has clung to Germany as her 'mother-land' because, well- German's are known for eating sausages, duh. So, another thing you should know about our school days- the IPOD is used regularly for visual aides. Well, as we were on this 'German-sausage-loving' talk, they wanted me to find a video of German's eating sausages. Why I complied I can't explain. I guess wanting to see whether or not YouTube would carry such a titled video was too strong an urge to pass up. For those of you wondering- they clearly take it very seriously:Well, now you know. You're welcome.... Kid's reading books and little feet get me every time.
It's off to bed for kiddo's and some American Idol date night with this handsome guy.
Have a great Leap-evening.

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